Chantiers d'été en Géorgie

Deux chantiers internationaux organisés en Géorgie cet été ! Si cela vous intéresse, contactez rapidement le Service Civil International à Bruxelles :

Téléphone: +32 2 888 67 13
Fax: + 32 2 725 76 47
Portable: +32 495 680 934


Work Camp 15, 16, 17, 18


“Dry stone Ring”  in SVANETI

!! 10 day the first Saturday  from May till August


WC 15 LYVG/SVANETI   15/05 - 25/05

WC 16 LYVG/SVANETI   19/06 - 29/06

WC 17  LYVG/SVANETI  10/07 - 20/07

WC 18 LYVG/SVANETI   07/08 - 17/08


LOCATION: SVANETIA the mythological western province of Georgia, land of the ‘Golden Fleece’ (where locals still sift for gold through sheepskins) lies high up in the Greater Caucasus. The Svans are usually identified with the Soanes mentioned by Greek geographer Strabo. The province’s Orthodox culture flourished particularly during the Georgian “golden age” under Queen Tamar (r. 1184-1213).  Historical Svanetia also included the Kodori Gorge in the adjoining rebel province of Abkhazia, and part of the adjacent river valleys of Kuban and Baksan of Russia. Svanetia province has been divided into two parts: Upper Svanetia (Zemo Svaneti  the present day Mestia) and Lower Svanetia (Kvemo Svaneti  the present day Lentekhi). Surrounded by 3,000–5,000 meter peaks, Svanetia is the highest inhabited area in Europe. Four of the 10 highest peaks of the central Greater Caucasus are located in the region (the highest mountain in Georgia: Shkhara at 5,201 m (17,059 ft), Tetnuldi (4,974m/16,319ft), Shota Rustaveli (4,960m/16,273ft), Ushba (4,710m/15,453ft), Ailama (4,525m/14,842ft). The most important characteristic of Svaneti is the stone towers in the mountain villages.  Svanetia is also called “The country of one thousand towers». Here some of the towers date to the IXth century. Alpine village Lakhamula 30 km from the district center Mestia at a height above sea level about 1000 m.

WORK ACTIVITIES: Physical works of clearing of mountain areas and roads, description and photographing for preparation of prospect «Dry stone Ring» with dry stone objects in Caucasus: different forms of buildings are possible, walls, terraces, huts, houses, towers, bridges and so on; herb collecting for making of national relish/ condiment “adjika”(svanuri marili) and herbarium etc.. ACCOMMODATION: At present the towers are not inhabited, but serve the adjoining stone houses as kitchens or ovens. Two – storey house with 4 bedrooms (4 + 4), a big kitchen, a bathroom (inside and outside the house), hot water on fire woods, TV (satellite) antenna.

FOOD: will be provided three times a day.

LANGUAGE: English/German/Russian/Georgian.

LEISURE TIME/ CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Camp leaders will organize free time together with the participants. Excursions and great sightseeing’s, ecotourism astride, panorama /view to Elbrus, fishing (speckled trout with red spots). WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: You can bring your sleep bags and “mountain shoes”, photo or video camera. THE LIMITATION OF THE PROGRAM: 10 persons. AGE:19-28. EXTRA PARTICIPATION FEE: 250,00 EUR. To be paid at the arrival.



     Work Camp 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 

FAMILY & SENIOR “Clean up the Coastline”


            !!the first Saturday  from March till September


The program is organized and implemented

with  The Charity Association of Multi Children Families of Georgia

                                                    “For the Future of Georgia” and with support of Kobuleti city



                                       "FOR FUTURE OF GEORGIA"


WC 08 LYVG/AJARA   21/03/ -  04/04/2009

WC 09 LYVG/AJARA  11/04/  - 25/04/2009

WC 10 LYVG/AJARA  02/05/  - 16/05/2009

WC 11 LYVG/AJARA  23/05/  - 06/06/2009

WC 12 LYVG/AJARA  13/06/  - 27/06/2009

WC 13 LYVG/AJARA  11/07   - 25/07/2009



LOCATION: The WC project “Clean up the Coastline” is located in the beautiful region of Georgia, Adjara – in Kobuleti (Address: Rustaweli str. 293) on the shore of the Black Sea. The camp will take place only 120 m from the marvelous beach. Kobuleti  is the regional center of Adjara and is situated 25 km  from Batumi and 380 km from Tbilisi. www.de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adscharien; www.travel-images.com/ajaria.

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD: In comfortable 2-floor cottage with an open balcony and a loggia on the 2nd floor. First floor: 5 rooms (4, 6, 3 beds), 1 shower, 1 toilet, 2 kitchens (inside and outside). Second floor: 6 rooms (3, 4, 4, 6 beds), 2 showers and 2 toilets. The cottage is supplied with constant gas, electricity and water. Work activities (4-5 hours per day): Cleansing the beaches and the inshore part of the sea bottom, planting of trees and gardens.  Food: Volunteers will prepare the meals by the given food. 

LANGUAGE: English/German/Russian/Georgian.

LEISURE TIME: Camp leaders will organize free time together with the participants: swimming in the black Sea, fishing, excursions in Batumi botanical garden and in the tee factory, herbaria collect. The cottages are endowed with piano, TV-sets, videos and games (domino, cards, chess and nards and lotto) and other cultural diversity (café, discotheque). WHAT TO BRING: First of all it is great to bring sleeping bags with you!!

THE LIMITATION OF THE PROGRAM: Number of participants: 15 - 20 persons.  EXTRA PARTICIPATION FEE: 230, 00 EUR per adults or 150, 00 EUR per child (5 to 12 years old).

HOW TO GET TO GEORGIA:  ATTENTION: I – It is possible to reach the place of destination from International airport Istanbul (Turkey) to International airport Batumi or the trip from Istanbul to Batumi by bus (costs 50 $); from Batumi to Kobuleti by minibuses (10, 00 GEL). II – Terminal International airport Tbilisi (Tiflis) – Kobuleti  by day train 17, 50 GEL / night train 29,00 GEL / minibus 18, 00 GEL.


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